Egyptian engineers' training has been accomplished

  • 2012.04.06
  • Dispomedicor
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It was 21.07.2011 when the 3 DispoAmecor engineers came to their first day to start their training course for the DispoAmecor Egyptian Hungarian Medical Equipments Company?s Infusion and Transfusion Set Assembling Line operation and maintenance.

The engineers has gone through a 3 shifts training course during the past half year. The first training shift started on 21.07.2011 and finished at 09.10.2011. The second training shift started on 21.11.2011 and due to the Christmas Holidays the engineers left Hungary on 19.12.2011. The third shift had been started on 21.03.2012 and after a one day practical examination the engineers have been passed their exam with excellent result.

During this half year period the engineers got a detailed and deep view into the assembling line and its operation.

They are trained for the daily maintenance activities and they were tested to do random product size changes regularly by their own.

By the end of the training period, all the engineers become familiar with the machine and they operate it smoothly without any trouble.

One of them even declared his dream about the machine, to Mr. Attila Bíró, the Export Manager of the Dispomedicor Zrt.:
Imagine, Attila! Last night I had a dream with the machine. It was fantastic!

On 06.04.2012 Mr. Antal Nagy, the Chief Executive Officer of Dispomedicor Zrt. and the Chairman of DispoAmecor Ltd. had the pleasure to reached the Certificates to the engineers and expressed his acknowledgement for the half year?s excellent work and support that the engineers provided to both the Hungarian and the Egyptian Companies.

The staff of Dispomedicor Zrt. wish an excellent and fruitful work and successful startup for the Egyptian Factory to all the engineers:

Eng. Ahmed Ibrahim Abdelmaksoud Khalil
Eng. Ahmed Samir Sayed Ahmed Elbassossy
Eng. Mohamed Aly Ahmed Mohamed Okasha

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